Transneft Western Siberia Completes Technical Upgrading of Oil Trunk Pipeline Section’s Telemetry System in Tomsk Region

Date of publication: 15 July 2021
Transneft Western Siberia has completed the technical upgrading of the telemetry system of the Igolsko-Talovoye – Parabel oil trunk pipeline (OTP) section in Tomsk Region. The work was carried out within 18 months.

The technical upgrading of telemetry equipment was completed at eight controlled points of the OTP section with a length of 140 km. Cable products, telemetry cabinets at control and monitoring stations’ enclosures, instrumentation and automation equipment, control station panels, pipeline manholes were installed. The previous equipment had reached the end of the standard service life.

The OTP telemetry system allows collecting, processing and transmitting information from controlled facilities about the state of process equipment and technological parameters (pressure, flow rate, temperature) to the console operator. The obtained information is used for automated and remote control of line facilities.

“Today, the trunk pipelines in the area of the company’s responsibility are equipped with more than 300 controlled points with the pipeline telemetry system. This allows console operators to monitor and control stop valves in real time, as well as timely respond to possible deviations in operating processes,” noted Artyom Fedorov, Chief Engineer of Transneft Western Siberia.

The technical upgrading of the telemetry system of the Igolsko-Talovoye – Parabel OTP section was carried out as part of the technical upgrading and revamping programme of Transneft Western Siberia’s operating facilities to ensure reliable operation of the oil trunk pipeline and prevent emergencies.

Transneft Western Siberia Press Service