Transneft Western Siberia Purchases More Than 70 New Vehicles in 2020

Date of publication: 25 December 2020

Transneft Western Siberia has completed the implementation of the updating the fleet of motor and special-purpose vehicles programme. The fleet of vehicles and special-purpose vehicles was expanded by specialised all-wheel cross-country trucks, snow and swamp-going vehicles, a skidder, multi-purpose loaders, mobile living wagons and dining wagons. 3 vehicles run on gas motor fuel.

“The total length of oil trunk pipelines and petroleum products pipelines in the area of responsibility of Transneft Western Siberia is more than 5.6 thousand kilometers. Operating facilities are located in hard-to-reach areas. That is why, when updating the fleet of vehicles, a choice is made in favor of equipment that is equipped with modern control systems, meets all safety requirements, is distinguished by well-thought-out ergonomics and improved repair and operational characteristics,'' said Deputy Director General Denis Bakulin.

For instance, the TLP-4M-037 multifunctional machine is designed to perform a wide range of works: laying roads and clearing them from snow, delivering fire-extinguishing equipment to a fire site, creating firebreaks for fire containment, preparing sites for construction. Thus, the company reduces the number of types of special-purpose vehicles for performing certain production tasks, reduces repair and fuel spending and optimises the number of employees involved.

All purchased transport and special-purpose vehicles of domestic production is equipped with video recording systems and the GLONASS. Currently, almost all new vehicles have been delivered to the company’s branches to fulfill the production tasks.

Transneft Western Siberia Press Service