Transneft Western Siberia Commissions On-Spot Loading Facility at Sokur LODS

Date of publication: 11 December 2020

АTransneft Western Siberia has commissioned the on-spot loading facility (OSLF) into railway tank cars. The operating facility was built at the Sokur line operation dispatcher station (LODS) in Novosibirsk Region.

The work was carried out as part of the comprehensive programme for revamping the station's onsite facilities. The goal was to maintain a high level of reliability of the LODS, equip it with high-tech equipment in compliance with environmental and industrial safety standards.

The unit ensures the performance of petroleum products loading operations at a qualitatively new technological level. The OSLF is capable of automated railway tank cars’ loading on two approaching lines, each of which is supplied with 14 tanks. Four tanks can be loaded at the same time, each tank can be filled in no more than 13 minutes. At the end of the process, the tanks are automatically weighed with the determination of the shipped petroleum product mass.

Automation systems used in the OSLF operation are advanced domestic developments. Their use minimises the involvement of workers as much as possible. The petroleum products loading process is carried out from operators’ automated workstations using remote control.

Continuous monitoring of petroleum products level in the process and at the end of the loading, transmission, data generation and execution of accompanying documents for shipment are also carried out fully automatically. In addition, the OSLF is equipped with automated systems for video monitoring, recognition of tank cars’ numbers, as well as with a gas pollution control system. The recovery unit can significantly reduce the hydrocarbon vapor concentration due to the applied principle of condensate absorption technology.

The construction of the automated on-spot loading unit at the Sokur LODS completed one of the key stages in the implementation of the comprehensive programme for revamping the station's onsite facilities. With the OSLF commissioning, petroleum products loading will be carried out only by using it, the planned volume is about 1.8 million tonnes of diesel fuel and motor petrol per year. In 2020, the volume of petroleum products loading at the LODS amounted to 0.8 million tonnes.

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Implementation of the comprehensive programme for revamping onsite facilities of the Sokur LODS is designed for six years and will be completed in 2023. Currently, a firehouse, an administrative and amenity complex with a checkpoint, and petroleum products storage tanks at the Sokur-2 site have been constructed at the station. Revamping of approaching lines and onsite roads is underway.

Transneft Western Siberia Press Service