Transneft Western Siberia Finishes Hydraulic Testing of Tanks at Omsk LODS

Date of publication: 07 May 2020

Specialists of Transneft Western Siberia have finished hydraulic testing of four vertical steel tanks for storage of petroleum products at the Omsk line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of the Omsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate.

The purpose was to test the newly built tanks for strength and airtightness. Based on the results of the completed tests, a positive conclusion was issued, no signs of leakage and unacceptable deviations of geometrical parameters of the tanks’ metal structures were detected.

Four vertical steel tanks (VSTs) with a total volume of 40 thousand m3 were built under the programme of technical upgrading and revamping trunk pipelines of Transneft Western Siberia for 2015-2020. The tanks were built to replace the dismantled tanks and are intended for receiving, storing, pumping and measuring the volume of diesel fuel. In accordance with the design decisions, the tanks` service life is 50 years, the interval before the first repairs is 20 years.

The Omsk LODS receives petrochemical products from the Omsk Refinery. The two mainline pump stations located at the Omsk LODS allow to transport petroleum products both in the east and west directions, providing deliveries for partner companies in the volumes they require.

Since 2014, the Omsk LODS has been under revamping to ensure reliable operation of its tank farm equipment, facilities, technological and engineering communications. During the six years of revamping of the operating facility, a petroleum products metering centre and two petroleum products LACT, as well as ten new tanks, were built, two open-type mainline pump stations were commissioned, and the operator's room was revamped.

Transneft Western Siberia Press Service