Specialists of Transneft Western Siberia Conduct Emergency Response Drill at Oil Pipeline’s Underwater Crossing of Om River

Date of publication: 29 January 2019

An emergency response drill (ERD) has been held at the Omsk-Pavlodar oil trunk pipeline’s (OTP) underwater crossing on the Om River, which is under the responsibility of Omsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) (a branch of Transneft Western Siberia).

The goal was to check personnel’s knowledge and hone their skills of responding quickly in case of emergencies as well as during containment and elimination of their consequences. The ERD was carried out with the involvement of personnel of the Emergency Line Maintenance Division (ELMD) of Omsk line operation dispatcher station (LODS), Omsk, Moskalenki and Tatarskaya LODSs, Tatarskaya PS and the central maintenance division (CMD).

In the course of the drill, an algorithm of personnel’s actions given four conditions was exercised. Specialists of the operational and maintenance divisions were tasked with detecting a simulated damage of the OTP, containing and eliminating consequences of an "oil spill" on ice-covered water surface. A team of professional mechanics eliminated a ‘failure’ of a booster pump, power engineers restored power supply after one of the phases of the VL-6 (10) kV route overhead transmission line had been short to ground. Specialists of automated process control systems performed troubleshooting of line mechanics of the Omsk – Pavlodar OTP.

According to the main condition of the drill’s plot, a PS operator detected a pressure drop at the underwater crossing of the Omsk – Pavlodar OTP under the Om River. Information was sent to the dispatcher of Omsk RPD’s district control centre (DCC), the station’s manager, to Omsk LODS’s ELMD and to other units. The DCC’s dispatcher "shut down" the transportation of oil. A patrol crew inspected the oil pipeline’s underwater crossing and recorded the "oil spill". The place of the simulated emergency was fenced, an analysis of air was performed.

According to the drill’s plan, specialists deployed two lines for containment. The main works – cutting of ice lanes, installation of booms and oil-collecting equipment – were carried out at containment limit No.2. The simulated oil spill was contained within the statutory period (4 hours). Continuous environmental analysis was being performed during the ERD. Additional conditions were added to the ERD’s plot: personnel participated in a rescue of a man who fell into water while installing an oil skimmer.

110 workers were involved in the drill and 30 pieces of equipment were used, including oil skimmers, ice-cutters, chainsaws, ice-drills and pipeline locators.

The drill confirmed that divisions and business units of Transneft Western Siberia’s Omsk RPD are fully prepared for prompt implementation of the necessary actions to eliminate emergencies. Observers who were present at the ERD noted that the personnel were fully provided with the necessary serviceable equipment, and all the work on the containment and elimination of the simulated oil spill was carried out in a timely manner with strict observance of the requirements of industrial safety and occupational health.

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