Transneft Western Siberia Sums Up Year of Energy Saving

Date of publication: 25 January 2019 Print

Transneft Western Siberia has summed up the results of technical measures taken to implement the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Enhancement Programme in 2018, its goal being rational use of fuel and energy resources in operational activities.

The actual annual savings of the Company from the implementation of energy saving activities amounted to 29.7 million rubles. This result was achieved thanks to the Company’s introduction of modern energy-efficient technologies and equipment with improved energy-saving characteristics.

Activities aimed at optimisation of transport routes, reducing non-productive runs and improving transport discipline, renovating the fleet of automotive and specialty vehicles provided the largest percentage of savings in monetary value at the end of 2018. 1,209 tonnes of oil equivalent (tons of fuel), or 22.8 million roubles were saved thanks to measures in these areas.

Optimisation of technological modes of oil and petroleum products’ transportation, pigging the inner surface of oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines (OTPs and PPTPs), replacing lamps and projectors with LED lights allowed to save about 6 million roubles in total.

017 modern LED lamps with motion and light sensors were installed in all branches of Transneft Western Siberia in 2018. Replacing outdated electric motors with improved efficiency equipment and revamping cathodic protection systems using new types of anode beds also provided electrical energy savings.

In order to reduce the cost of boiler and furnace fuel, the Company’s specialists installed 13 automatic temperature control systems working in accordance with the room temperature, time of day and day of the week. These systems were installed at Poima, Abatskaya, Kemchug and Kashtan oil pumping stations (PSs), Omsk base of production and technical maintenance and equipment procurement, Anzhero-Sudzhensk line operation dispatcher station (LODS), Sokur LODS and Tatarskaya LODS.

Heating mains of Vagai pumping station of Ishim RPD and Tatarskaya LODS of Omsk RPD were overhauled. Furthermore, pipes with modern heat-insulating materials were used.

As noted by Dmitry Khrychyov, Chief Engineer of Transneft Western Siberia, ensuring operational facilities’ power safety is an important aspect of the Company's energy saving programme. To that end, the Company not only modernises the existing energy infrastructure, but also allocates funds for the construction of a new one. Last August, a new block boiler house with automatic regulation of the facility’s heat supply mode was commissioned at Sokur LODS of Novosibirsk RPD. This, in its turn, made it possible to significantly reduce the spending on heating, as well as minimise the occurrence of abnormal situations during operation of heat supply systems in operational, administrative and amenity premises.

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