Transneft Western Siberia Updates Fleet of Motor and Specialty Vehicles

Date of publication: 24 December 2018 Print

Transneft Western Siberia has summed up the results of a planned replacement of outdated motor and specialty vehicles in 2018. From January to December, 132 units of modern vehicles were purchased, including road construction and specialised equipment, general transport and municipal vehicles.

The new cars are designed to maintain oil trunk pipelines (OTP) and petroleum products trunk pipelines (PPTP). For example, a mobile automotive laboratory of electrochemical protection allows to inspect the state of OTPs’ and PPTPs’ insulation as well as to repair defects in the field. In addition, the Company purchased mobile welding units and complexes, truck cranes, bulldozers, all-wheel drive multi-purpose vehicles, tractors and powered compressor stations. Floating tracked conveyors are used to overhaul and revamp objects located in marshy or difficult-to-access types of terrain. Also, in 2018, the motor fleet of Transneft Western Siberia has been replenished with specialty vehicles to eliminate consequences of emergency situations. Vacuum oil skimmers, mobile pumping units and firefighting tank vehicles were delivered to Omsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (ROPD).

Replacing outdated vehicles is an important component in the implementation of the energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement programme of Transneft Western Siberia. Dmitry Shapovalov, head of the Company’s section of transportation and specialty vehicles explained that during operation assemblies and units wear down, which greatly reduces the efficiency of a vehicle and also increases consumption of motor fuel. According to a fuel consumption calculation technique, using new equipment instead of the exhausted resource yields savings of up to 8%. In 2018, the Company planned a general reduction in the consumption of motor fuel in the amount of 238 tonnes of oil equivalent, or 198 tonnes in physical terms.

In addition, since 2013 Transneft Western Siberia has successfully applied the GLONASS transport monitoring system. A subsystem for planning, operating vehicles, automatic maintenance and remote monitoring of onboard equipment has been developed оn the basis of the system. The use of the system allows you to monitor the location and speed limit of the equipment and control its fuel consumption at any time, eliminating unproductive runs and maintaining a high level of transport discipline. Optimisation of motor transport routes in 2018 shall provide savings for Transneft Western Siberia in the amount of RUB 13.3 million.

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