Transneft Western Siberia Completes Tank Hydraulic Testing at Anzhero-Sudzhensk LODS

Date of publication: 04 October 2018 Print

Transneft Western Siberia has completed hydraulic testing of a vertical steel floating-roof tank (VFRT) with the volume of 20 thousand cubic metres located at Anzhero-Sudzhensk line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Novosibirsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD).

Strength and leakage tests were performed to check the tank after a technical upgrading. According to regulatory requirements, hydraulic tests were carried out by filling the tank with water up to target oil level for further operation of the tank. The tank was filled gradually, one belt at a time, and with time intervals sufficient to assess the condition of the metal structures and welds. According to the results of the tests, no discrepancies or defects were identified, and experts gave a positive conclusion.

The technical upgrading of the VSFRT No. 11 with the capacity of 20,000 cubic metres located at Anzhero-Sudzhensk LODS was performed within Transneft Western Siberia’s Facilities Technical Upgrading Programme for 2018. The following elements were replaced: the central part of the bottom and the first belt of the tank, the gauge hatch, the fire barrier and several sections of process pipelines. In addition, a new modular floating roof with a seal made of aluminium alloys was installed on this tank. Modular aluminium floating roof allows to reduce oil losses resulting from evaporation by almost 100%, which increases the industrial facility’s environmental safety.

Hydraulic tests were also performed at a vertical steel floating-roof tank with the volume of 10 thousand cubic metres located at Omsk LODS. This tank was built for storing petroleum products. No inconsistencies were found according to the results of strength tests.

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