Transneft Western Siberia determines 2nd round of professional skill contest winners

Date of publication: 09 June 2018 Print

The 2nd round of the Best in Profession professional skills contest that brought together 53 employees from the Company’s branches has ended at Transneft Western Siberia.

Omsk line operation dispatcher station affiliated with the Omsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (a branch of Transneft Western Siberia) became the main venue for the competitions. The mission of the contest is to raise the prestige and significance of blue-collar professions, share experience and professional skills as well as improve the level of professionalism among employees.

In his address to the contest participants Oleg Chepurnoy, General Director of Transneft Western Siberia, noted that the rising popularity of working professions was a crucial trend of national development and the Company was a shining example of that. “The HR and social policy of Transneft Western Siberia pursues discovering most talented and promising employees and encourage them to advance their careers. The professional skills contest is a most effective tool to support and develop employees,” he stressed.

The competitions brought together representatives of 13 key professions in the oil and petroleum products pipeline transportation industry. Members of the contest committees evaluated the high speed of competing practical tasks along with strict compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, industrial safety standards and theoretical knowledge.

Practical competitions of line pipeliners and excavator drivers proved to be the most spectacular events. The excavator driver competitions were held for the first time this year. For instance, the contestants showed their skill of knocking pins over with the excavator scoop and wrote the word “oil” with a brush attached to the scoop.

In the overall team standings, 1st place went to the team of Omsk RPD affiliated with Transneft Western Siberia that won nine out of thirteen professional categories. At the solemn award ceremony Oleg Chepurnoy, General Director of the Company, gave certificates to winners and prize-winners of the contest. The winners will take part in the next and final round of Transneft’s professional skills contest to be held in Bryansk in August 2018.

Winners of the 2nd round of the Best in Profession professional skills contest:

- Line Pipeliner: Andrei Krets (Omsk RPD);

- Commodity Loading Operator: Tatyana Sabaraleyeva (Omsk RPD);

- Commodity Loading Operator (Petroleum Products): Yevgeny Mushchitsky (Omsk RPD);

- Petroleum Products Pumping Station Operator: Daniil Ponomarev (Omsk RPD);

- Electrical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Fitter: Aleksandr Tikhomirov (Omsk RPD);

- Electric and Gas Welder: Anton Divakov (Krasnoyarsk RPD);

- Instrumentation and Automation Fitter: Aleksandr Raduntsev (Krasnoyarsk RPD);

- Processing Units Repairman: Igor Polomonov (Omsk RPD);

- Chemical Analysis Laboratory Assistant: Oksana Andreyeva (Omsk RPD);

- Chemical Analysis Laboratory Assistant (Petroleum Products): Viktoriya Maksakova (Omsk RPD);

- Truck Driver: Igor Shikhalev (Omsk RPD);

- Excavator Driver: Roman Malakhov (Novosibirsk RPD);

- Cook: Yelena Gurtovaya (Krasnoyarsk RPD).

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