Transneft Western Siberia starts preparing production facilities for stable operation during fire season

Date of publication: 12 April 2018 Print

Transneft Western Siberia has commenced preparing its production facilities for stable operation during the spring-summer fire season of 2018.

The primary purpose of the measures being taken is to mitigate the risk of emergency situations and to enhance the stability of operation of the oil and petroleum product trunk pipelines (OTPs and PPTPs) onsite and line facilities.

As per the schedule, the professionals will take a set of technical and fire prevention measures in April and May 2018. Namely, they will clear the facilities’ protection zones of forest vegetation, inter alia overhead transmission lines and trunk pipelines sections with the total length of 6,404 km. Specialists will also remove dried grass from the dikes protecting tanks, stop valve units and pipeline inspection gadget traps as well as construct and renovate fire lines. The work includes inspection of 459 organised OTP and PPTP crossings.

Preparations for the fire season will specifically focus on ensuring the readiness of fire water supply sources (tanks and ponds) and firefighting, motor and cross-country vehicles. Professionals will test 1,197 pieces of firefighting appliances and equipment.

Cooperation with regional directorates of the EMERCOM of Russia during extinguishing forest fires in the areas adjacent to the OTPs’ and PPTPs’ protection zones will be practiced within the preparation of Transneft Western Siberia’s facilities for steady operation during the fire season.

Moreover, 25 forest fire extinguishing teams will be set up, given training and provided with all the necessary equipment as well as combat and special clothing. The employees engaged in forest fire extinguishing will be given extraordinary instructions on occupational health fire safety. 20 volunteer fire brigades (VFBs) with the overall headcount of 432 people successfully operate at the Company’s branches. These are trained both during emergency response, firefighting and tactical drills and at corporate applied firefighting contests. 8 firefighting and tactical drills, in which volunteer firemen will be participating , are planned to be held this year at the Ishim, Omsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk regional oil pipeline directorates (RPDs).

As explained by Sergey Bereznyak, Deputy Chief Engineer – Head of the Occupational Safety and Operational Control Directorate of Transneft Western Siberia, the Company is performing the activities aimed at maintaining the proper level of fire safety in strict compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. Significant sums of money are allocated annually to upgrade the firefighting equipment and materials and to monitor the facilities’ fire safety. All oil pumping stations have fire security alarm systems and automatic fire-extinguishing systems with low-, medium- and high-expansion foams installed and are outfitted with modern specialty fire vehicles.

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