Transneft Western Siberia modernises main pump units at Ishim Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate

Date of publication: 30 March 2018 Print

Ishim Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) of Transneft Western Siberia has commissioned main pump units at Abatskaya oil pumping station (PS) after the replacement of electric motors. The technical upgrading was called to increase the efficiency of electric motors.

As explained by Fyodor Zheldak, Chief Power Engineer and Head of the Chief Power Engineer section of Transneft Western Siberia, four new electric motors manufactured in Russia have been installed at Abatskaya PS (oil pumping station). The service life of the replaced equipment, installed in 1981, has come to an end. During operation, the efficiency of electric motors goes down. Pursuant to the project brief, modern three-phase synchronous electric motors were installed at the PS. “Their service life until a major overhaul is at least 63,000 hours. The advantages this type of electric motor offers are high efficiency, a higher starting torque and the ability to continue stable operation regardless of voltage fluctuations,” Mr. Zheldak commented.

The efficiency factor of the new main pump unit equipment at Abatskaya PS will amount to 97.5%, reducing power consumption by 5%, which translates to 14,500 kWh. The technical upgrading was carried out in two stages: at the end of 2017, two electric motors, MPUs #2 and #3, were commissioned; this March, MPUs #1 and #4 were launched. Specialists also replaced the power cables of MPU electric motors, commissioned and tested the equipment.

This year, four electric motors at main pump units will also be replaced at Kashtan PS and Anzhero-Sudzhenskaya LODS of Novosibirsk RPD. Two new units will be installed at Vagay PS, which is the responsibility of Ishim RPD. Within the scope of implementing the Energy Saving and Efficiency Improvement Programme at RPDs, 257 LED lamps will be installed at 6 oil pumping stations. At Abatskaya PS it is planned to commission an individual heat supply station equipped with an automated system for temperature mode adjustment according to indoor temperature in the premises and to the time of the day. At Vagay PS, specialists will replace heating networks using modern thermal insulation materials.

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