Transneft Western Siberia held emergency response drills at the rivers Om, Agitka and Zolotoy Kitat

Date of publication: 06 March 2018 Print

Professionals of the Ishim, Omsk and Novosibirsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (RPD) affiliated with Transneft Western Siberia have conducted emergency response drills on the topic “Repairing an equipment failure with an oil spill onto the water surface with a solid ice cover (spill localization and elimination at an oil trunk pipeline underwater crossings (OTPUWC))”.

During the drills, the employees were trained for a prompt response to emergencies at oil and petroleum product trunk pipelines (OTPs and PPTPs) that were related to localization of oil (petroleum product) spills at underwater crossings.

In Ishim RPD, the drill was held at the underwater crossing of the Ust-Balyk – Omsk OTP at the Agitka River. The event brought together the personnel and facilities of the line emergency operation division of Vagay PS, the environmental analytical laboratory, fire station PCh-155 of Federal Firefighting Squad No. 4. In Omsk RPD, employees of the Line Emergency Operation Division of Omsk LODS, Omsk LODS, Tatarskaya LODS, Moskakenki LODS, Tatarskaya PS, and Central Maintenance Division took part in the drills at UWCs of the Omsk – Irkutsk OTP and the Omsk – Sokur PPTP across the Om River. Professionals of Anzhero-Sudzhensk LODS affiliated with Novosibirsk RPD contained and eliminated a simulated oil spill at an underwater crossing of the Omsk – Irkutsk OTP across the Zolotoy Kitat River. The drills brought together more than 120 employees and over 60 motor vehicles and equipment units.

The dispatching staff practised spotting pressure drops at underwater crossings, the response groups worked on their skills related to arriving at the site and identifying locations of oil spills, placing boom lines, localizing and eliminating a simulated emergency, performing environmental monitoring of the area. The tasks of detecting simulated oil and petroleum product spills, their fast localization and emergency elimination were solved within 4 hours, as scheduled. The RPD staff received positive feedback on their performance during the drills.

The staff of emergency response and restoration and repair divisions regularly practise responding to potential emergencies under the approved emergency response plans that strictly outline the duties and actions of responsible officials and emergency response division employees, said Denis Bakulin, Deputy Director General for Operation at Transneft Western Siberia. This enables a quicker and more orderly elimination of potential pipeline emergencies and their consequences, ensuring safety of infrastructure facilities and environmental protection. “The plan for 2018 includes 1,190 emergency response drills at production facilities of Transneft Western Siberia, for staff of various divisions and sections of the Сompany’s business units, with 52 drills scheduled for underwater crossings at small and big rivers,” Denis Bakulin noted.

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