Anzhero-Sudzhenskaya LODS (line operation dispatcher station) of Novosibirsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate celebrates its 50th anniversary

Date of publication: 30 January 2018 Print

Anzhero-Sudzhenskaya line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Novosibirsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (ROPD) (branch of Transneft Western Siberia) celebrates its anniversary. Fifty years ago - in 1968 - the acceptance certificate of Anzherskaya oil pump station was signed.

Commissioning of a new industrial facility - Anzherskaya station in Kemerovo Region - was related to the project of the first phase of extension of Omsk - Irkutsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP). During the first phase the station transported benzine; after construction of the new Aleksandrovskoe - Anzhero-Sudzhensk OTP and its further connection to Omsk - Irkutsk OTP it started transporting oil to the east of Russia. In 1974 construction of a tank farm started at the station. In 1978 the industrial facility was given the status of a line operation dispatcher station.

Today the history of successful development of Anzhero-Sudzhenskaya LODS is continued. Now the station performs all the set tasks regarding securing uninterrupted oil transportation to the east, supplies crude materials to the refineries of Siberia and Far East. Annually the station pumps about 50 million tons of oil, delivers and receives crude materials from refineries located nearby - Yaisky Refinery, Anzherskaya oil and gas company, North Kuzbass Refinery.

The station’s industrial facilities are permanently modernized for the purpose of uninterrupted performance of the industrial tasks. Works at the linear portion and the station’s tank farm are conducted as part of the Technical Upgrading, Overhaul and Revamping Programme. According to Sergei Glushkov, head of Anzhero-Sudzhenskaya LODS, the industrial facility functions 24 hours a day, two pump houses are provided for oil transportation, one of them transports crude materials, the other is on standby. Priority attention is paid to automation of industrial processes of receiving and delivery of oil, the tank farm’s operation, securing industrial and fire safety of the facility. Joint drills with the territorial subdivision of the EMERCOM (Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters) for Kemerovo Region are conducted annually for training of practical skills and assessment of the personnel’s readiness to localization and elimination of emergencies.

Now more than 200 persons work at the station; most of them are local residents. Oleg Zakharchenko, electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitter of unit No. 2 (Anzhero-Sudzhensk) of the repair and adjustment section of Production Service Shop of Novosibirsk ROPD can be mentioned among young employees. Last year he took the first place in the category “Electrical equipment repair and maintenance fitter” in the professional skills contest “Best in Profession” of Transneft. The persons who have worked at the LODS for more than thirty years, provide an example of active work and high professionalism for young employees. They are Natalia Timofeeva, operator of waste treatment facilities, Irina Shchekotunova, technician, Olga Astafeva, chemical analysis laboratory assistant, Gennadii Krylov, driver of utility vehicle and special-purpose machinery section of Anzhero-Sudzhenskaya LODS. This year on the eve of the festive event - 50 years of the station - Vitalii Sarzhin, master of the Line Emergency Operation Division, was awarded with a Certificate of Merit of Transneft Western Siberia for his large personal contribution into development of oil industry and long-term faultless labour. The enterprise’s certificate of acknowledgement was issued to Tatiana Shkuratskaia, chemical engineer of the analytical laboratory.

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