Transneft Western Siberia Introduces New Oil and Petroleum Product Quantity and Quality Metering System at Omsk LODS

Date of publication: 31 August 2017 Print

A new oil and petroleum product quality and quantity metering system (OQQMS) was commissioned at Omsk line operation dispatcher station (LODS) of Omsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) (Transneft West Siberia branch). The system will help account for the petroleum products being transported via Omsk-Ufa petroleum product trunk pipeline (PPTP).

The new OQQMS makes part of the equipment of the existing Omsk LODS, which is intended for storage and transportation of petroleum products. The new OQQMS was built as a Brownfield project. The commissioned system implements automatic commercial accounting for diesel fuel when it is transferred from Transneft West Siberia to Transneft Urals via Omsk – Ufa PPTP.

OQQMS is intended to measure the gross weight of petroleum products by the direct dynamic change method and also helps measure density, pressure and temperature of petroleum products.

Besides the technological part of the facility (filter unit, metering line unit, quality parameters measurement unit (QMU)), the design envisages OQQMS automation equipment installation. The automatic system and the applied OQQMS equipment show the quality and quantity parameters of the petroleum product being transported and conformity of actual volumes to the planned ones in the real-time environment. The process automation also helps generate reports on the petroleum product accounting for a given time interval, by consignments in automatic mode and upon request.

The controllers of automatic devices and auxiliary systems, as used in OQQMS, are intended to monitor the operation and to handle the equipment of technological units, fire alarm systems and power supply systems.

The applied equipment, the metering line unit, QMU, and information processing system, was made at Transneftemash Plant and the production center for plant control systems (PCS) of Transneft Upper Volga.

The new OQQMS of Omsk LODS and the modern software applied in its operation will not only improve precision of commodity handling operations but also secure high compliance with industrial safety standards at the joint stock company’s facilities, according to Vitaly Kapustin, Deputy General Manager, Transneft West Siberia.

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