Transneft Western Siberia commenced preparing facilities for steady operation in spring and summer fire season

Date of publication: 11 April 2017 Print

Preparing production facilities for steady operation in spring and summer fire season commenced in the Ishim, Omsk, Novosibirsk, and Krasnoyarsk regional oil pipeline directorates (branches of Transneft Western Siberia). Under the approved plan, the relevant work will be performed from 1 April to 31 May 2017.

It is planned to clear the buffer zones in areas of business units, linear portion facilities of trunk pipelines, and sections of route high-voltage lines (HVL) from trees and shrubs. The dyking, bunding of valve units and PIG traps will also be cleared of dry grass. Renewing and making new plowlines has been planned around the areas of pump stations and pipeline linear portion facilities.

It is planned to check and (where necessary) arrange organised crossings via trunk pipelines each 5–7 km.

The crucial stages of production infrastructure preparation for steady operation in spring and summer fire season include: checking functionality of the fire water supply and gaseous (mist and powder) fire suppression; seasonal maintenance of fire vehicles; testing of fire vehicle pumps; checking fire-fighting and technical equipment availability.

Besides, professionals will inspect lightning arresters at onsite and linear facilities of pipelines. Dedicated teams have been created for extinguishing of forest fires; some 26 emergency response drills to practice extinguishing of simulated forest fires and fires in the linear portion will be held with the teams during facilities preparation for fire season.

Ensuring fire safety in the linear portion of trunk pipelines, at tank farms and other production facilities is a priority in fire safety system of Transneft Western Siberia. The work has been arranged in strict compliance with the applicable technical rules and regulations and laws.

Fire suppression plans (FSP) are annually adjusted and agreed with territorial divisions of the EMERCOM of Russia, and joint firefighting and tactical drills are held to pursue preparation of the company’s infrastructure for operation in spring and summer fire season. Workgroups involving staff of the central maintenance division, emergency line maintenance division, and emergency repair division with assigned all-terrain, firefighting, and other vehicles, and volunteer fire brigades (VFB) function in all branches of Transneft Western Siberia. They are intended to quickly respond to potential fire-related emergencies. All the company’s facilities are equipped with automatic fire-extinguishing systems and security and fire alarms. Microprocessor-based automation systems are installed at pump stations to promptly shut down the main line and booster pumps if “Fire” alarm occurs. Up-to-date training classrooms have been arranged to practice theory in fire safety; these are used for regular classes with VFB members, fire safety briefs, and training in fire safety basics.

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